4 Great Options for Treating Acne at Any Age

Acne can be a real source of frustration, no matter your age. And yes, you can have to deal with acne your entire life. For teens and preteens going through their hormonal surges, acne is considered part of growing up. For adults, those breakouts may have similar triggers. Women, especially, continue to battle the monthly blues when it comes to hormonal acne.

Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States and occurs in approximately 85% of the population between the ages of 12 and 24. Acne can occur, however, well into your 40s, especially if you’re a woman. The good news is that acne is completely treatable.

Self-treating mild acne

If your acne is mild, you may be able to control it by using over-the-counter products and treatments at home. Just remember not to be too aggressive. Certain products, or even scrubbing too hard, can cause inflammation, which can worsen your acne or result in scarring.

Customize your acne treatment for best results

Sometimes minimal treatment is all you need to end your acne struggle, but more often than not, our patients find they benefit most from a treatment plan that combines certain methods. That’s because no matter your age, many factors can contribute to your acne. And not all acne is the same. The source for blackheads and whiteheads, for instance, differ greatly. Blackheads are the result of open pores, whereas whiteheads come from pores that are closed. Both result in inflammation and tender skin, even though they come from different sources.

Here at Integrative Laser Center of Washington, we understand your frustration. No matter your age, we can help you get your acne under control and lead a more confident life. Dr. McIntosh and our team of med spa professionals can work with you to customize a comprehensive acne treatment plan. By incorporating different therapies into your treatment, we can clear your skin, restore your confidence, and give you the tools to continue.

4 treatment options for acne

Targeting just one source of the acne probably won’t resolve your issues. Here are several options for treating your acne that will lead to clear skin and confidence.

  1. Intense pulse light therapy (IPL) is a noninvasive procedure that uses light energy, directed onto the area of the skin to be treated. The pulsating light works to tone down inflammation, reduce redness, and clear your acne. It also eliminates the discoloration that often comes with acne. Because the treatment is not invasive there is no downtime with IPL.

  2. Laser Genesis treats your acne and acne scars. This remarkable procedure also rejuvenates your skin and restores its appearance by improving texture and eliminating the pigmentation that accompanies acne scarring. If you have adult acne, or you’ve experienced acne scarring, this treatment may be beneficial for you.

  3. Acne rescue facial is a combination of procedures to treat excess oils, reduce redness and inflammation, prevent acne, and treat acne breakouts. Your facial may include a deep cleaning, steaming the skin, exfoliating the skin, blemish extracting, a customized facial masque, as well as the application of astringent toner, moisturizer, and protective lotions. Remember, depending on your age and the type of acne you have, your aesthetic skin specialist formulates the right facial for you. No one option treats all acne.

  4. Specialized skin care products for your skin are available from one of two trusted lines Dr. McIntosh believes to be the best: ZOⓇ Skin Health and ISUN organic products. Your skin specialist customizes the right combination of products to help you maintain your clear skin and improve your skin’s condition.

No matter what your age or degree of acne, we’ll design a plan specifically for you, and our skin specialists will be with you all the way to clear skin and beyond. For more information on how you can end the frustration of acne at any age, contact our office in Kirkland, Washington. Let’s get started on your customized treatment plan.

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